December 2018 Issue 
Abstract Abstract 
September 2018 Issue 
Editorial HIV and Ageing 
- Arvind Mathur 
 Causes and Outcome of Severe Hyponatremia in Elderly Hospitalised Patients in an Indian Teaching Hospital 
- Amal, Paul; Benny, Paul Wilson; Prasad, Mathews Kuruvilla; Surekha, Viggeswarpu, Gopinath, Kango Gop 
 Prevalence of Non Communicable Diseases in Elderly 
- S.A. Kanitkar, M. Kalyan, A. Gaikwad, S. Deshmukh4, R. Saha 
 Delirium in Elderly: Is Age the Sole Factor in Determining Prognosis? 
- VK Ashok , MGK Pillai, BF Puthenkote 
 Clinical Profile of One Hundred Elderly Patients Admitted in Geriatric Care 
- A.P. Ambali, Sonam R, Mulimani MS 
 A Study of the Association between Dehydroepiandrosterone and Frailty in Elderly 
- P. Aravind Babu, S. Deepa 
 Potentially Inappropriate Medication use in the Elderly in a Tertiary Care Centre in South India 
- Alwin Christopher, Vanjare Pranita Kuruvilla P Mathews, Viggeswarpu Surekha, Gopinath KG , Mahasampa 
 Quality of Life and its Predictors in Person with Dementia: Search for Possible Research Arenas 
- Abhik Sinha 
 Paget?s Disease Presenting as Unilateral Nipple Eczema in a Postmenopausal Female 
- Namrata Chhabra, Divya Sachdev 
Supplement Issue 
Abstract Biogerentology 
Abstract Clinical Geriatrics 
Abstract Social Gerontology 
June 2018 Issue 
Editorial Subacute Care: A Vital Link for Long-Term Care 
- Arvind Mathur 
Original Article Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Quality of Life in Elderly 
- A. Bamanikar, L. Chatterjee, B. Vaishnav, S. Sharma, S. Rana 
 Study of the Biological Risk Factors for Fall in the Elderly Patients 
- Neeta Bhardwaj1, Manshi Kashyap2 
 Prophylactic Chest Physiotherapy in Major Abdominal Surgery among Elderly Patients 
- M.L. Lohiya, Ajay Malviya, Dinesh Dutt Sharma, Sahi Ram, M.K. Chauhan, Lovedeep Singh Chauhan 
 Delirium in Elderly General Medicine Inpatients: A Prospective Study 
- Meenaxi Sharda, Anuraj Singh, S. Jelia, Nitasha Sharma, Jitendra Meena 
 Anemia in Elderly: A Review 
- Shaurya Mehta, Laxmi Kant Goyal, Ramkesh Parmar, Girdhari Lal Dhayal, Gunja Jain 
March 2018 Issue 
Editorial Fall Risk Assessment 
- Arvind Mathur 
Original Article Effect of Ankle Exercise Program and Proprioceptive Training on Stability, Functional Activity Performance in Elderly Population 
- Naik S, Nagarwala R 
Original Article Evaluation of Nutritional Status in Elderly Patients attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India 
- Vidya PL, Usha G, Krishnaswamy B 
Original Article A Study of Common Dermatoses among the Geriatric Patients in Salem; a Region of South India 
- Amrutha Elizabeth Vargese, Seethalakshmi Ganga Vellaisamy,Govindharajan Nanjappachetty, Kannan Gopal 
Original Article Determination of Agility in Elderly using Assistive Device by 8 Foot Up and Go Test 
- Ritu Chhabra,Manali Desai, Ajay Kumar 
Case Report Unilateral Facial Nerve Palsy LMN Type: An Unusual Complication of P. vivax Infection 
- Mayank Shrivastava, Pooja Mathur, Ramji Sharma 
 Journal scan 
 Research Wing of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics 
December 2017 Issue 
- Arvind Mathur 
Oration The Challenges of Managing the Older Persons 
- G S Shanthi 
Guest Lectures  
Technology Session  
Oral/Poster Presentations  
Geriatric Nursing  
September 2017 Issue 
Editorial Eight Days a Week: Report from 21st IAGG World Congress o fGerontology and Geriatrics, San Francisco 
- Gaurav Desai, AB Dey 
Original Article Asymptomatic Osteoporosis in Indian Geriatric Population 
- Magesh Rajendran, Jayanthi Swaminathan, Udhaya Balasubramaniam, Balasubramaniam Ramakrishnan, Sathya 
Original Article Elderly Abuse ? The Need for Social Work Intervention 
- Manoj H.R. 
Original Article Comparative Evaluation of Nutritional Status of Elderly, Denture Wearing and Completely Edentulous Patients - In VivoDentulous Study 
- Ashika Agrawal, A J Pakhan, S R Godbole, Seema Sathe 
Original Article Self Medication Practices Amongst Elderly Population in an Health Center of Amravati District of Maharashtra, IndiaUrban 
- A.K. Jawarkar, V.R. Wasnik, Anuradha K 
Original Article How Fall-Safe is the Housing for the Elderly in Rural Areas A Cross Sectional Study using Fall Prevention Screening Checklist 
- Thomas V. Chacko, Prabha Thangaraj, Muhammad GM 
Original Article Preksha Meditation and Mental Health in Elderly 
- Pratap Sanchetee, Arvind Jain, Harish Agarwal 
Original Article Rural Elders ? What are their felt needs and challenges faced by their Caregivers? 
- Johanna R, Jenny Lalramilani, Roshni R., Sharon Sophia S., Laltlansangi, Bimi John J., JoiceMuchahar 
Original Article Effects of Fall among the Elderly for themselves and Caregivers: Insights from a Qualitative Study in Kerala 
- Parvathy Mohandas*, Anil Kumar K 
Original Article Current Scenario of Geriatric Fungal Infections: A Prevalence Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital 
- Bineeta Kashyap, Shukla Das, Tanu Sagar, Kavita Gupta 
Case Report A Case of Relapsing Polychondritis with Positive C-ANCA 
- Aradhana Singh, Laxmi Kant Goyal, Kirodee Lal, Dinesh Gurjar 
Case Report Primary Testicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: A Case Report 
- Kishore Khatri, S. R Negi 
June 2017 Issue 
Editorial Vitamin D and Sarcopenia 
- Manish Chaturvedy 
Original Article Reciprocal Expression of Myostatin and Vitamin D Receptors in Sarcopenia 
- Ghada M Gamal El- din, Amal Mansour, Randa Ail Labib,Sarah A. Hamza, Fawzia Khalil 
Original Article Advance Directives among Elderly Population:A Malaysian Experience 
- Koh TL, Lei CS, Tajudin TR, Abdulshakur Z 
Original Article Projection of Life Expectancy at Birth of Malaysian Population: A Modelling Approach 
- Md. Rafiqul Islam, Mahendran Shitan, Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal 
Original Article Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Activities- Specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale for use in Maharashtra 
- UR Sahu, VN Kulkarni 
Original Article Knowledge of Living and Nonliving Things in Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type 
- S Gopaljee 
Original Article Vascular Complications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Elderly: Study at a Tertiary Health Care Centre in the Sub-Himalayan Region 
- Rahul Gupta, Rajesh Bhawani, Surinder Thakur, Jatinder Kumar Mokta, Anjali Mahajan 
Case Report Fluorosis: An Uncommon Cause of Quadriparesis 
- R Beniwal, A Shekhawat, L K Goyal, R Prasad, P Mittal 
March 2017 Issue 
Editorial Mental Health in Old Age  
- Arvind Mathur 
Original Article Psychiatric Co-morbidity in Geriatric Medical Outpatients of Tertiary Care Hospital  
- Shah S N, Desai N D, Chvavda P D, Sharma E R, Shah S H 
Original Article Changing Trends in the Oral Mucosa of Geriatric Population- An Epidemiological Study  
- A Pai, A Deverashetty 
Original Article Clinical Profile and Etiology of Anaemia in Elderly: A Hospital Based Study at a Tertiary Care in the Sub-Himalayan Region  
- I Joshi, S Thakur, R Bhawani, V Kaushal, A Mahajan 
Case Report A Benign Case of Medical Pneumatosis Intestinalis in Elderly  
- B Kumar, R Bhawani, J Mokta, S Thakur 
Contemporary Issue Age-Friendly Primary Health Care Services: Emerging Need in India  
- GS Grewal, J Kishore, Charu 
Review Article Geriatric Trauma  
- A Mitra, T Das, A Rudra, K Ghosh 
Journal Scan Journal Scan  
December 2016 Issue 
- A B Dey 
Original Article  'TIME IS BRAIN' for Haemorrhagic Stroke Secondary to Warfarin Therapy in the Elderly 
- Shabir A 
Original Article  A Study on Hyponatremia in Critically Ill Geriatric Patients  
- R Maloo, K C Jain  
Original Article  Relevance of ‘Vanaprastha’ of the Vedic Age at Afternoon Stage of Life at Present Global Age : A Perspective  
- Harasankar Adhikari  
Case Report Parathyroid Adenoma in an Elderly Patient with Unusual Presentation  
- Rajeswari Sunku, Ravikant Khande 
Perspective On the Other Side of the Counter? (A note on an untouched aspect of the Doctor-Patient relationship)  
- N.K. Mehta , Anuradha Advani  
Abstract Abstracts - Indian Ageing Congress 2016 
Journal Scan Journal Scan  
September 2016 Issue 
 Abstracts : invited Lectures 
 Abstracts : Nursing and Interdisciplinary Sciences  
 Abstracts : Social and Behavioural Sciences  
 Abstracts : Health Sciences 
 Abstracts : Biological Sciences 
June 2016 Issue 
- Arvind Mathur 
 Journal Scan  
Review Article An Overview of Frailty in Elderly  
- M Shaheen, S Puri, N Tandon 
Case Report  First Onset Manic Episode in an 85 year Old Male: Whether Primary or Secondary Mania?  
- V N Jha, P Singh, S K Gupta and P Angmo 
Original Article  A Study of Dry Eye Disorder in Elderly Persons of Western Rajasthan  
- Avisha Mathur, Arvind Chauhan 
Original Article  Demographic Profile and Short-term Outcomes of Very Elderly Patients under- going Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome - A Retrospective Analysis  
- Deepika Mittal, Purushottam Mittal, Praveen Kothari, Meenaxi Sharda