March 2016 Issue 
- Arvind Mathur 
 Journal Scan  
Case Report  An Unusual Case of Cancer Vagina ? Our Experience  
- Bidhan Roy, Debabrata Barmon, Pankaj Deka, Amal Chandra Kataki 
Original Article A Study of Serum Prolactin in Reduced Bone mineral Density  
- Sumathy, S., Shanthi, G.S. 
Original Article Drug Use Patterns among Indian Elderly Outpatients  
- Mandavi Kashyap, Sanjay D?Cruz, Atul Sachdev, Pramil Tiwari  
December 2015 Issue 
- Arvind Mathur 
 Journal Scan  
Review Article Vaccines for the Elderly ? a Small Step for Improved Quality of Life  
- Parida, Swayam Pragyan, Bhatia, Vikas  
Perspective  Challenges among the Elderly in Later Life  
- Patel, A.B., Kumar, V. 
Original Article  Assessing Information on Kegel Exercises provided to Elderly Women with Urinary Incontinence  
- M Ozcan, S Kapucu 
Sept 2015 Issue 
Presidential Address  A Decade of Research and Progress: Quo vadis? 
- Sarabmeet Singh Lehl 
Dr Venkoba Rao Oration  Global Health Systems for Care of Older Persons: State of Development  
- A B Dey 
Jodhpur Oration Fracture Liaison Service --Role in Falls and Fragility Fracture Prevention  
- Sunita Paul  
Guest Lecture  Hospital at Home: What Is It?  
- Alka Ganesh  
Guest Lecture  Falls in Elderly  
- G.S. Shanthi 
Guest Lecture  Chronic Kidney Disease in the elderly 
- Surinder Thakur 
Guest Lecture  Care of Elderly Patients: Role of Nurses 
- Sukhpal Kaur  
Guest Lecture  Family Caregiving for Older Adults: How does caregiving affect the caregivers' health? 
- Benjamin D Capistrant; Subharati Ghosh 
Guest Lecture  Geriatric Syndromes 
- Dinesh Gupta 
Guest Lecture  Delirium in Elderly  
- Rajendran Magesh  
Guest Lecture  Old GUT Anorexia and Constipation 
- Manjeet Singh  
Guest Lecture  Chronic Pain Management in Elderly 
- Ramesh Kandel 
Guest Lecture  Principles of Prescribing in Older Adults  
- Jatinder Singh 
Guest Lecture  Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) 
- G. Usha 
Guest Lecture  Inter Disciplinary Management of Hospitalized Elderly 
- Neelakshi Mahanta 
Guest Lecture  Pre surgical Geriatric Assessment 
- Dilhar Samaraweera  
Guest Lecture  Chronic Hepatitis C in Elderly 
- Ajay Duseja  
June 2015 Issue 
Original Article  Illness Pattern of Elderly Residing in Old Age Homes of Varanasi  
- V Mishra, A Chakrvarty, I Tripathi  
Original Article  Competency of a Graduate after MBBS in Practicing Geriatric Medicine 
- Naureen Narula, Nakul Katyal, Prithpal S Matreja, Jaspreet Kaur 
Original Article  Health Profile of Elderly Residing in the Family Settings and in the Old Age Home: A Comparative Study 
- Harshal Tukaram Pandve, Snigdha Sippy, Pooja Suratwala, Shikha Krishnani, Kevin Fernandez, Smita S V 
Original Article  A Study on Knowledge and Utilization of Social Media in Elderly People in Whitefield, Bangalore  
- Vikas Jaiswal, Pradeep C, Subramanyam G  
Original Article  Probiotics: A Therapeutic Boon for the Elderly Population  
- Smiline Girija AS, Sakthi Dasan S, Dinakaran N, Natarajan VS 
Case Report Two cases of Giant Cell Arteritis with unusual presentations - diagnosis and management 
Case Report Hypopitutarism: Underdiagnosed in Elderly 
- Divendu Bhushan  
Journal Scan   
Case Report Myocardial Infarction Immediately Following Systemic Thrombolysis with Intravenous tPA for Ischemic Stroke  
- Veerendra Choudhary  
March 2015 Issue 
Original Article  Quality Care Audit of Old Age Homes in a North Indian City  
- Sukhpal Kaur, Arshdeep Gill, Upasana Sharma, Amarjeet Singh  
Original Article  Old Age Pension for Elderly in Rural Puducherry: Utilisation for Health and Quality of Life  
- Sonali Sarkar, K Shivanand, K C Premarajan, Gautam Roy  
Original Article  Do Chronic Diseased Conditions and Disabilities Make Elderly Poor in Social Networking? : A Community Based Cross Sectional Study  
- PY Kulkarni, JS Bhawalkar 
Original Article  Effect of Training Turning Activity along with Cognitive Task on Balance Performance of Elderly Individuals  
- Jagriti Sharma, Sandeep Singh  
Original Article  Study of Depression Among Elderly in An Urban Area of Bangalore  
- Vijetha Vikram N, Shalini S, Radhika K 
Brief Review Clinical Research: An Imperative for Global Ageing 
- J A Goodbrand  
Case Report Thyrotoxicosis and Leukopenia  
- NS Neki, Vishwanath Chavan, Harsh Kumar, Sanjeev Puri, Ankur Jain